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Together, let's be the key to unlock a better world:

Together we can build a future based on the principles of responsibility and impact investing.

We cordially invite you to become part of the MiroZon Alliance and get involved with us.

What is the MiroZon Alliance?

The MiroZon Alliance pools the wealth of qualified investors and channels them towards sustainable and impact-oriented goals. It forms an exclusive community for like-minded people who stand for values, sustainability and who have the conviction that wealth can be a positive force.

How do you become part of the MiroZon Alliance?

The first step into our community begins with a consultation. We invite qualified investors to a confidential consultation to share the philosophy behind our alliance and to discover our shared values. This initial dialogue is the basis for a trusting and long-term partnership.

What are the benefits for the investors?

As part of the MiroZon Alliance, you have access to impact-oriented investment opportunities. Our investors benefit from the creation of "collective" wealth through value-based investments that generate not only financial, but also social and environmental returns. Your investment becomes part of a larger movement for positive change.

For us, it's not just about what your capital is used for, but how we put it to work.

MiroZon – a new dimension of Welfare

Our foundation represents a modern, innovative force in investing. Unlike traditional foundations, we pool the "collective" wealth of our partners to generate dividends for a good cause. Our approach combines financial foresight with profound social commitment – for a world that benefits from our shared values.

Your Value at the MiroZon Alliance

As part of our MiroZon Alliance, you will experience personal fulfilment through responsible action, as well as gain exclusive access to innovative investment opportunities through our qualified advisory company, MiroZon Legacy Inc. With us, you combine your wealth with your vision for a better world, strengthened by a community that shares and promotes your values.

"I see prosperity as a mission to bring about equal opportunities and make the world a more just place."

Growing up in the mountains, I was taught values such as authenticity, respect for traditions and a deep sense of responsibility for my family and society from an early age. My cosmopolitan upbringing and early encounters with diverse cultures shaped my view of the world.

My drive

Thanks to my international education and early involvement in our family business, I developed the drive to re-define the purpose of wealth and its responsibility, and harmonise them with my personal values and goals. My highest aim is to promote unity for a free and peaceful world.

A well-connected young entrepreneur with a global network, a visionary and yes, I strive to be a force of good. Our foundation is the expression of this vision and combines responsibility with wealth to create lasting change.

Joschua Saphir – Message for Value-based Investments

Our foundation's Vision

The MiroZon Foundation's vision is a world in which equality, education and prosperity are a reality for all people. We strive to create a society in which women are recognised as key agents of change where their role as the first educators of their children contributes significantly to the further growth of prosperity and shapes the positive transformation of future generations.

The foundation's Mission

The mission of the MiroZon Foundation is to empower women by giving them access to education. We firmly believe that education is the key to freedom and that by empowering women, we can bring about sustainable and lasting change in the world. We support future mothers in empowering their children as the latter's first and most important educators and promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between generations.

Purpose of the Foundation

The MiroZon Foundation's mission is to empower women to fulfil their role as the first educators of their children. We provide future mothers with access to education so that they are able to support and nurture their children in the best possible way. By empowering women, we are helping to create a society in which equal opportunities and prosperity are a reality for everyone.

Every journey begins with the first step. Our vital input paves the way for a Golden Tomorrow for you!

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